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Li Hing Sour Hula Keiki

Li Hing Sour Hula Keiki Enlarge Image
Hawai‘i’s melting pot means that we have sweets from a variety of cultures — many popular candies have emigrated here from Japan, China, and Southeast Asia, and local favorites have also developed. Chewy candies, such as li hing sour hula keiki, are covered with li hing powder, for a sweet and salty exterior combined with a sweet or sweet/sour interior. It’s best to share the bag, as a 4-oz. portion averages over 400 calories.

Nutrition Facts

Calories (per serving): 105
Pieces (per serving): 8.25
Calories (per 4 oz bag): 420
Pieces (per 4 oz bag): 33
Carbohydrate (g): 27
Fiber (g): 1.3
Sodium (mg): 81
Fat (g): 0
Protein (g): 1

Nutrient information for the Local Snacks section is taken from manufacturers’ packaging. Hawai‘i Foods makes no claim for the accuracy of this data; it is for illustrative purposes only.