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Rolled Ika

Other names: Surume Soft Saki-Ika, Rolled Squid, Rolled Cuttlefish
Rolled Ika Enlarge Image
Dried seafood snacks, such as shredded cuttlefish, smoked squid, and dried marlin jerky are primarily a source of protein, but they’re also high in sodium, with some snacks containing over half of the <1500 mg/day sodium limit for children and adults 51 years old and older in just one serving. Enjoy in moderation!

Nutrition Facts

Calories (per serving): 112
Pieces (per serving): 1
Calories (per 80 g bag): 224
Pieces (per 80 g bag): 2
Carbohydrate (g): 9
Fiber (g): 0
Sodium (mg): 800
Fat (g): 1
Protein (g): 15

Nutrient information for the Local Snacks section is taken from manufacturers’ packaging. Hawai‘i Foods makes no claim for the accuracy of this data; it is for illustrative purposes only.